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Dave, We are extremely pleased with the DVD! Great work! Our overall experience with you was a great one. Aside from having done it already, we will recommend you to anyone looking for your type of services. Again, thanks so much for what you have done, Benjamin (& Natalie) Wieberdink

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Legal & Documentation Services

Open Door A/V Entertainment Specialists can provide valuable video production services to the legal and justice systems.  Our past experience with attorneys, public defenders, judges and other law enforcement have proven that our expertise, trustworthiness, and close adherence to the law is widely accepted.

Our legal and documentation services include:

  • Videotaped interviews, depositions
  • Videotaped examination & cross-examinations
  • Videotaped evidence
  • Copy / Edit / Convert videotapes to be entered as evidence
  • Photo to video production

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