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Open Door A/V Entertainment Specialists - Audio/Video Production and Entertainment Services
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Corporate Services

Open Door A/V Entertainment serves the video production needs of corporate and advertising clients by the creation of commercials, training films, documentaries and other products from inception-to-completion …

From script writing to the final edit, Open Door A/V Entertainment can help you from start to finish or any part along the way.

Pre production
Script writing and development, storyboarding, production management // Planning is the most important part of any project and we will start your project in the right direction.  Let our staff help you develop the focus of your project with scripts and storyboards.  This is an efficient way for you to see your project come to life before the final production. 

Studio Shoots, Live Video, and Photography // Once the planning is complete we can capture all the footage you need and more.  Where ever the location may be our equipment and trained staff will be there to collect the best footage for your project whether it be in video or photograph form.

Post production
Multi-platform editing suites give us the ability to take the footage to the limit // Using cutting edge editing techniques we’ll finalize your production to meet your needs.  During post-production we’ll be able to incorporate all types of media needed including sound, animation, photographs, and video.  We’ll also design specific DVD packaging to meet your projects needs.

VHS, CD, and DVD orders // After the final product is complete, let us help you distribute your message to your audience.  We can mass produce any project on VHS, DVD, or CD form. 

Promote your product, service, or brand with an animated, multilayered video production for the trade show floor or your next sales presentation.
Repackaging refers to the animated, multi-layered videos used to promote a product, service, or brand from material previously created.

Repackaging can be created with any ONE of the following:

  • Logos
  • Product Photos
  • Video Footage
  • Product Brochures

Any one of these elements can be turned into an animated, multi-layered, high-energy new media video in a short amount of time.

Advertise and market your product or company through local and cable channels.
Our vision and passion is to change the way that local broadcast spots and video news releases are produced by making our production experience available at the local level and at an affordable price.

  • Commercials
  • Video News Releases
  • Infomercials
  • Music Videos

Whether you need an interview, presentation, training film, event highlight or roll-in video captured or created, Open Door can help.
The creative team and production staff at Open Door have a wealth of experience creating video content to communicate to, reward, and motivate your audience. From general session openers to closing night highlights (and everything in between) we can handle all your corporate and event video requirements.

  • Event Introduction and Event Closer videos
  • News-style Interviews & Roll-ins
  • Event Highlight Videos
  • Training Films
  • Corporate Image and Branding Videos
  • Documentary-style Storytelling

Open Door A/V Entertainment helps make complex experiences easy.  Sound systems, lighting needs, projection and recording are just a few…

Whether a sales seminar of 15 or a convention of 1500, we have the necessary equipment to enhance an event and captivate any audience.  Our experienced personnel are available to help plan and carry out the event, being prepared to conquer any unanticipated "little things" that may arise.  Or, we will make available for rental any microphones, lights, and systems needed.

Take the presentation to the next level by using different media, including intranet, sales meetings, and promotional materials.

Open Door A/V Entertainment multimedia department produces multimedia solutions for marketing and promotional purposes. We’ll work with you to from start-to-finish to realize your visual communication goals.

We are experienced at developing the following multimedia products and solutions:

  • Sales and Multimedia Presentations
  • Marketing and Advertising Promotional Materials
  • Corporate Presentations & Speaker Support
  • Training Presentations for Intranet Use

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